5 Contemporary Sofas to Spruce Up Your Living Environs

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As a proud purveyor of European luxury furniture brands, it always gives us a high when we are successful in cinching artful collabs with icons that reign supreme in the world of design and bon gout, as the French say. Our recent collab with the high-end contemporary furniture brand, Ligne Roset is the proverbial fulfillment of a dream! The 'tres chic' designs and the revered workmanship we have grown up admiring now sits in our store in New Delhi and we couldn't be prouder!

So in the name of l'esprit français, we bring you five of our favorite contemporary sofas that we just can't stop making sheep's eyes at!

1: Ruché by Inge Sempe

Characterized by sparing use of materials and a soft, welcoming silhouette,  Ruché is creator Inge Sempe's chef-d'oeuvre. Named after a pleating/gathering technique used as a decorative detail for clothing, Ruché is a beautiful coming together of rigidity and flexibility. Compelling, comforting, and compact, Ruché features a substantial mattress designed using a distinctive quilting that results in a pattern of enticing uprights and undulations.

2: Ploum by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Ease of use and comfort are the tenets of contemporary aesthetics and the Ploum embodies it to the hilt. Its adorable croissant-shaped silhouette, upon the first glance, will warm the cockles of your heart. The magic of this conversation starter lies in the two specific materials used for its construction and placed cheek by jowl - a stretchy covering fabric and an ultra-flexible foam, which facilitates the body to assume any posture without any structure hemming in the natural easiness of form and position.

3: Cover 1 Sofa by Marie Christine Dorner

If the English Chesterfield sofa made your heart sing, Marie Christine Dorner's Cover 1 Sofa will make it belt out in a ravishing soprano. A sensuous form that's constructed entirely out of foams of varying densities, Cover 1 is representative of intricate couture mastery and on-point technical know how. The allure of Cover 1 lies in its 'cover' which can be interchanged when the season or decor calls for some transformation.

4: Pumpkin by Pierre Paulin

If vegetal forms are your thing, we are mighty sure you'll love to have this beauty in your home. Originally designed for private apartments of Claude and George Pompidou at the Elysée, the Pumpkin is enchantingly voluptuous and one of Ligne Roset's most sought-after designer furniture pieces. Not only is Pumpkin iconic in its design but also for its fabled history, after all, it was this adventurous piece that served as a springboard for France's attempt to resuscitate its warning design industry in the late 1960s.

5: Prado by Christian Werner

If it's the ultimate carte blanche of using furniture that you gravitate towards, Prado by Christian Werner will give you the satisfaction like that of a wild horse running free across endless prairies. Kitted out with non-slip, weighted cushions, the sofa affords what this sofalising generation loves to do - lounge, recline, curl, sleep, well basically do all that they want to with style and ease!

We'd love for you to visit our store to view this chic smorgasbord of furniture pieces from Ligne Roset.



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