5 Essentials of a reading nook

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Something about warm summer afternoons really makes us want to sink into the soothing embrace of an armchair and dive into the literary world with reckless abandon. We are the sort that loves the grassy, musty smell of leather-bound old books—gah if only we could forever lose ourselves into the beautiful constructs of the fictional world architected by some of the greatest masters of all time.

Well, we may not be able to do that every day because—you guessed it right, the daily grind. However, we surely can make those satisfying and tranquil moments extra special by creating a stylish reading nook setup! Being the bonhomie folks that we are, we have curated 5 essential pieces of furniture that will help you do the needful—

An armchair

But of course! Our whole fantasy of getting transported into another world is predicated on the sumptuousness and comfort of the armchair! So it goes without saying it needs to hit on all cylinders. Take this gorgeous armchair from Ligne Roset. Its cute vegetal form reminds us of the pumpkin that Fairy Godmother transformed into a carriage for Cinderella (we haven't exactly been able to put the fairytale fantasy behind us). Ottoman's all-foam form coupled with its stylized quilting makes it visually delicious and functionally ingenious.

A side table

Whether you want to set your coffee down or keep your books or display your pick-up-up trinkets—a side table will fulfill all your needs stylishly. This compact piece from Kartell can be easily tucked into cramped spaces. Its bright pop speckled top will bring a hint of color to your neutral nook.

A bookshelf

An avant-garde work of art, Popworm by Ron Arad is a sinuous bookcase with golden bookends. You can corral your books, stage family photos, and display your baubles. A pliable interior accessory, Popworm is capable of taking different shapes without losing its toughness or flexibility.

A lamp

Your reading nook may or may not be positioned next to a window, which necessitates a boost of brightness at night time. Kabiki lamp from Kartell by Ferruccio Laviani is a masterpiece in its own right. Its dramatic crocheted frame and Baroque-inspired bulbous chair leg base will bring a dash of old-world glamour in your contemporary corner.


Oh the joy of putting your legs up on a soft cushy footstool is indescribably gratifying, isn't it? A perfectly cozy perch for your nook, this footrest from Ligne Roset will double up as a handy seat. Another good thing about it—it comes in a wide array of lively colors so you can cherrypick whichever rings your chimes.



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