A trend that's mighty and marbleous: Introducing marble tables from Lenzi

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Smooth and strong and sturdy—marble has been one of the most sought-after materials for thousands of years. From Michaelangelo's David to our very own Taj Mahal, marble's snow-white allure has been and continues to be parlayed in architecture, art, and design. While marble has traditionally been associated with affluence and ostentation—in recent years, however, marble has seeped into contemporary narratives and is now affiliated with ideas of crisp elegance, emotion, and versatility.Marble tables from our design partner—Lenzi are visual and textural elegance writ large. As a brand that has been crafting sophisticated furniture and accessories for over 50 years, Lenzi sure does take marbleous trend to another level. Here are some of our favorite pieces from Lenzi–

1: Oltre

A stunning double pedestal marble table, Oltre is one sure-fire statement-maker. We personally love the sinuous veins and of course that super smooth table top! While it will dovetail like mortise to tenon in any interior setting it is made a part of, it'd especially cut a cool figure in a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Whoa.

2: Mira

If you are looking for a chic counterpoint in your contemporary setting, look no further than Mira, like really, just don't. Its streamlined rectilinear silhouette demonstrates a skilful mix of modern with natural style. It looks just as gorgeous as a piece of art as it does whilst setting your console or coffee table aglow.

3: Fragrance

The Fragrance dining table from Lenzi is so delectable that it feels as if it has a hypnotic olfactory power, making the users feel its cool, breezy fragrance—well that's how we'd characterize it. If there's one thing in particular we love— it has to be its rickety central frame and the visual tension it creates.

4: Eva

Eva will be as much at home in an eclectic design studio as it will be in a boho-chic home office. Its striking black and white striped, linear silhouette is sure to add copious amounts of graphic interest. Eva can also be used as a dramatic desk or entry hall table for a contemporary edge in addition to being a dining table.

5: Absolute

Absolute from Lenzi is an elegant table that will bring sleek style to your space without overpowering your aesthetic. But there's more to Lenzi than just good looks. It has clean lines and is replete with airy simplicity that staunch supporters of minimalism appreciate.



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