Dining Table Aesthetics 101

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In the 21st century, the idea of having a formal dining room might feel excess—only befitting a King Louis XIV who had all the time and the sweet lolly to throw lavish parties to the nobles. At the risk of sounding old school and corny—we say this—we love formal dining rooms. Apart from being an exclusive entertainment hub of your home, its formality also makes it a good place to work and accomplish!So what's the basic premise of a dining room, a robust dining table that fits the scale of the room, your style, and everyday needs. Here are some of our favourite dining tables of diverse aesthetics—

Earthy Elegance

"Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is lasting." The table, with its modern pedestal, and the chairs, with their classic silhouette and cabriole legs, go on to prove that Sister Pariah's words still ring true.

Modern Sleek

This distinctive dining table flaunts a three-tier glass top, which can be, by the designer's ingenuity and your good graces, of course, extended should you require extra elbow space to accommodate unexpected guests. The chairs with their concentric ring base make a stylish accompaniment.

Eternally Elegant

A pronounced plinth anchors this table, which has a sturdy marble top. A contemporary piece out and out, it will make you want to pull out your good China little more often. For a cozied-up appeal, chairs with cocooning silhouette would exude inviting warmth and encourage conversation.

Contemporary charm

In France, the phrase 'bon goût' is reserved for those with impeccable taste. This dining table with its comfort, quality, and enduring beauty will hold sway in your dining room and will also attest to your bon goût.

Discreet yet delectable

Just like the Little Black Dress, a classic dining table boasting a genuine Italian marble top accompanied by plush velvet chairs is always in style. And when propped inventively with crockery and decorative accents - the look is anything but recognisable.



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