How Else Do You Bring Wabi-Sabi in Your Homes?

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By means of handmade appeal, craftsmanship, and simplicity. Wabi-sabi is all about injecting your space with authenticity, with a capital A. When we think about it, a beautiful burled wood cabinet springs to our mind. Its uneven and gnarly wood grain is a testament to its inherent wabi-sabi; for the uninitiated - a burl is an outgrowth on the trunk or branch of a tree caused by a fungus, plant virus or injury.

We are glad that a few cabinet makers and sculptors had an eye for spotting beauty in the perfectly imperfect grain of burl wood and began using it for creating furniture and accessories that are masterpieces in their own right. There are many ways in which you can bring wabi-sabi in your home; let's see how -

1. Simplicity- Think clean lines, simple silhouettes, earthy tones, light materials, terracotta (with patina, of course). Wabi-sabi's nature-inspired, unpretentious, and idyllic aesthetic is sure to soothe your senses and give your home a pervading sense of harmony.

2. Handmade values- They say a craftsman perfects his craft so well that the process of creation almost becomes automatic. A craftsman certainly gives in all that he has for the sweet sake of his craft but no matter how we slice it, he knows there are imperfections and flaws and after putting up a good fight, he learns to embrace it and so we must too. Adorn your home with objects and heirloom pieces that are lovingly fashioned by human hands.

3. All that is disheveled and tattered, albeit tastefully- Anything that's made well will age well and this is why we absolutely love vintage pieces. Whenever we get down to arranging objects on our coffee table, we ensure that there's at least one vintage find in the vignette; the charm and character it conjures up is just magical and cannot be summoned by anything mass-produced item.

If Wabi-sabi rings your chimes, then we’d like to invite you to visit our store to view furniture and decor pieces that are evocative, poetic, and graceful.



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