How to Add a Festive Touch to Your Home with Accent Chairs

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We are officially drunk on Diwali and got a Cheshire cat smile pasted on our respective faces. That's an adorably balmy effect the biggest festival of the year is known to have on us. While we can't stop fantasizing about the sweet and savory treats that we'll be feasting on with reckless abandon, we are also having these creative powwows on how beautiful homes can maximize the festive vibe with a few fetching furniture pieces. So somewhere in the middle of receiving inventive gifts other than dry fruit boxes and talking about the creative genius of Pierre Paulin, we thought why not round up all the gorgeous accent chairs we have and tell our readers how they can embrace the festive vibe with these statement beauts. So here we are.Animate your space with lively colors

We know not everyone fancies the idea of having their homes soused in maximalism with bold colors and patterns. But that doesn't mean you give up on the idea of using colors in your interiors altogether. Accent chair is one piece of furniture which allows you to experiment with not just color but also style reference. Take these bold pops of ANDA armchairs by Ligne Roset. They are refreshingly resplendent and will add a contemporary silhouette to your interior mix.Voluptuous forms

As we inch towards winter, our preferences naturally segue from brighter to darker colors and cocooning silhouettes that make it seem as if we are being gently cradled. Aww! The all-encompassing form of Moël from Ligne Roset is unfailingly attractive and will also be a subject of skirmish as your guests will be scrambling for the covetous seat.Outright festive

If you are looking for an accent chair that will instantly amp up the festive quotient of your space, we think that you shouldn't think twice before bringing this masterpiece home. Called ‘Masters’ chair that designer Philippe Starck created for Kartell, the chair is super comfy and spacious. Its inventive back meshes the styles of three iconic chairs; the 'Series 7' by Arne Jacobsen, the 'Tulip Armchair' by Eero Saarinen and the 'Eiffel Chair' by Charles Eames. Talk about having your back supported on a historic level and MAsters will have it covered!Organic charm

Bristling with oriental charm and ingenuity, this vegetal armchair by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance deserves center stage. A sophisticated coming together of shape and stitching, Ottoman's contemporary aesthetics will add a dash of neoteric spark to your festive decor scheme.Petite yet powerfulM

Evocative of a giant pumpkin, this gorgeous armchair by Pierre Paulin is coziness, buoyancy, and resilience writ large. Pumpkin was conceived at a time when the French furniture industry was in a dire need of a springboard for its resuscitation. Its characteristic stitched detailing and multi-density foam spells the hallowed confluence of form and functionality.



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