How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for Your Interior Scheme?

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Everybody loves a good sofa. And we are no different. A sofa isn't just a piece of furniture, it is the piece of furniture that exhibits ideal attributes like a virtuous human being (we have a thing for anthropomorphizing furniture). For starters, it is enduring - it can take heavy plonk-downs, somersaults, spills, and scooches. It mingles effortlessly with your interior scheme like a bonhomie, good-natured fella, pulling it all together.

Within its cushy confines, one can socialize via their electronic devices (the term for it is sofalise and we love doing that especially when the weather is all nice and balmy). In one of those delightfully transcendental states where you are somewhere between sleep and nirvana (a phenomenon that is most likely to occur on a lazy Sunday afternoon), it makes you feel as snug as a bug in a rug. Lord, we cannot stress enough on the importance of investing in a sturdy and stylish sofa!

Like there are different strokes for different folks, there are different sofas for different styles. From classic to contemporary, traditional to transitional, whatever your decor scheme, the sofa, like the conductor of an orchestra will unify diverse objects and set the tempo of your interior scheme. Here is our quick guide to finding the right sofa for your interior style

1: Luxe with Restraint

If your decor style is all about incorporating a few thoughtful and lavish furniture pieces, then this sofa is a perfect fit for you. A leather diamond tufted sofa with its visual heft and bulk will obviously be the cynosure of everyone's eyes and is a great way to prevent minimalism from getting all too clinical and tame. A leather sofa will infuse gravitas in a transitional interior setting and will help offset the light, feminine colors with its strong, masculine appeal.

2: A Bit of Provencal Magic with Modern Flourishes

If classic pieces like a Roman bust decor piece, a coffee table with cabriole legs, an Aubusson rug, a chinoiserie gourd table lamp and the likes, decorate your home, then there's no guessing that you have a leaning towards Provencal or classical interior style. But perhaps you want to introduce a modern flourish that coexists with these traditional elements harmoniously whilst holding on its own without vying for attention. This settee is a great option to accomplish it. You needn't place it in a prime spot but keep it in a quiet, cozy nook and it will work wonders.

3: Idyllic Charm

Toile de Jouy wallpapers, woody accents, textured elements, and clean lines define idyllic charm. If you are looking for a sofa with a cozy silhouette, replete with snuggle factor, and complete with character, then this ultra stylish sofa is all that you need to bring it all together and work up a decidedly contemporary country vibe in your home.

4: All Things Practical

If you are a growing family with ample of space, then you are obviously looking for something that is homely, hassle-free, and squashy and this sofa fits the bill perfectly. A design-led masterpiece, this sofa can host an entire family for a movie night and can also leave just a teeny weeny room for your ball of fluff to make itself comfortable.

5: Eclectic Vibes

An interior scheme characterized by vibrant majolica pottery, fun succulents, vintage finds, suzani motif rug, wallpaper drenched in lush fronds, ohh that's our all-time favorite boho-licious style. Add this tangerine two seater plush babe in your setting and aggrandize the appeal of your interiors!



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