Je ne sais quoi' gets a definition with Ligne Roset at IOTA

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From dining en famille in layered settings boasting crystals and dainty China in an unassuming mas (typical dwelling of Provence) to celebrating Noel in a Haussmann-style apartment in Paris dreamed up with a predilection for chic rustique, the French continue to enthrall all and sundry with their art de vivre that is as much a paean to innovation as it is a poetry to their glorious past. And embodying this spirit of design and decoration to the hilt is the contemporary French furniture brand, Ligne Roset.

As folks who draw creative sustenance from tireless workmanship and utilitarian beauty, we are forever in pursuit of brands that keep our appetites well-sated and whetted at once. We know we are talking in a rather roundabout way, but some of you might have caught a major hint we dropped in the beginning.

Oui! IOTA brings l'esprit français through the renowned cognoscente of design, Ligne Roset! To say that it gives us an immense pleasure to bring a brand that is globally revered for its design-led craftsmanship and innovation, to the discerning design lovers and professionals of North India, is a bit of an understatement really.

What makes this association so special is the fact that the present of Ligne Roset, like ours, is informed by its humble backstory. To give you a brief tour of its history - Ligne Roset was founded by Antoine Roset in the year 1860. Believe it or not, the brand started its journey, not as a manufacturer of furniture but parasols and walking sticks. It wasn't until the1950s that the brand ramified into furniture.

Antoine's grandson, Jean Roset was hugely instrumental in effecting a series of changes including shifting the company's focus from contract to domestic market and most importantly, collaborating with designers from variegated backgrounds and culture, which happens to be an important reason behind the brand's continual success and relevance throughout its 158-year-old history.

As a company that started out as a timber trading business to cater to an upswing in the construction industry that persevered to evolve and stay relevant to become a burgeoning retailer of the finest Italian luxury, it is a matter of great pride for us to be associated with a brand that, like us, is firmly anchored in tradition and heritage.

With this, we invite you all to visit luxury furniture store to witness a rich panoply of furniture from the arbiter of taste, Ligne Roset.



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