Living room accessories that will take your aesthetic from so-so to oh-so-chic

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We've got to admit that the accessories play an equally important role when it comes to communicating the story of your interior. In fact, they round out your interior scheme and reveal a side of your personality that perhaps as they say you might be hiding under the bushel. Not all of them are simply meant to aestheticise your space, some of them also fulfil your practical needs.Let's take a look at some of our favourite living room accessories—

Wall art

We are so over the gallery wall decor. And while we have nothing against those who are still exploring artistic arrangements of the said trend, we are, however, erring towards statement mixed media wall art. Just like our arresting wall art here—it has a cycle which is made using paint and recycled metal. If you are recycling junkie like us—you will totally appreciate the fact that it has been created using the modest bits of everyday life!

A tribal decor piece

We are partial to African artifacts and we are admitting. The sun-burnt earth, deep-hued sunsets, the beautiful Savannah plains, sweet lord—we love the exotic flair that they bring with them. This special decor piece 'African Face' here is a what you need to create a point of intrigue through its raw appeal and tastefully distressed finish.

A petite decor shelf

How about having this as an anchor piece in your storied coffee table vignette? The camel silhouette brings a bit of Middle-Eastern vibe. You can use it to proudly display your small baubles and trinkets in its compartments or just stash your everyday tiny sundries like keys, cards, stationery bits, etc.

Floor lamp

You need them to illuminate your space as well as provide a strong focal point in your living room. With sculptural finesse and attractive abstract shade, this elegant floor lamp will create the perfect glimmer in your space. Drawing inspiration from an essential tool from the photography metier, it offers visual intrigue from all angles.



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