Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Alright, so our resolution this year is to be uninhibited and unabashed, so without a speck of reserve, we affirm that we love preening ourselves in the mirror. Yes, we do. Call it vanity or full-blown narcissism, we are owing it up.

But as a furniture brand that is surrounded by beautiful mirrors from renowned international brands, we know that a mirror is a lot more than just an object encouraging self-admiration. It's a legit tool used by interior designers to add depth to a room, reflect light, open up spaces, work up drama, and create a sense of composition. Isn't that something? Sure it is.

In this blog post, we'll tell you how you can use a mirror to the advantage of your room.

A fitting weapon for a non-conformist interior scheme

If you have a chic corner in your home that is markedly individualistic, warranting a companion that would complement as well as add to its feel, a transformational mirror like this beaut from Kartell, will be like a match made in heaven.

Bristling with eccentric charm and contemporary allure, this mirror with its blistering plissé-like frame will rightfully become the cynosure of all eyes in the space it is installed.

 A judicious way to bring about symmetry

We have always believed that there is a power in 'twos'. Doesn't matter if you live in a city apartment that leaves you with just enough room to swing your cat - you can still create a sense of symmetry. The use of the sleek Belize mirror from Ligne Roset in pairs will result in a look that is harmonious and balanced.

Whether you flank a console table with them (great thing about these mirrors is that they can be hung both horizontally and vertically) or place them on each side of a wall divided by a column, they'll open your space in ways you have never imagined and make it appear bigger than it is.

An ingenious solution to brighten up your space

If you are someone like us who is forever on the lookout of smart ways to maximize the natural daylight, here's offering you a hearty high-five first and second - the solution that will light up your face - URA mirror from Ligne Roset!

A seminal wall mirror finished in rouge noir, URA will effectively trap any daylight possible with its mirrored glass surface whilst upping the elegance quotient of your space. You can position it next to a window or opposite it to invite unrestrained pools of light.

If you want to grace your home with any of these stylish mirrors, now is the time to invest. We are offering them at absolutely-can't-be-missed prices and we'd want you to bag the bargain while it lasts.



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