Our Top Anniversary Picks

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They say human beings get generous with age and we think there might be a grain of truth in it. While the general tenor at our store is expressly celebratory, we thought why not ratchet up the chirpy tone by a few notches by reducing prices on our furniture and interior accessories! How is that! So here are some of our favorite pieces, the ones over which we have been lusting after ever since they arrived in our store. They are included in the sale and we see no reason for you to pass up this opportunity.

The Ploum Sofa

This 'ripe, voluptuous piece of fruit' is hands down a work of genius. For starters, it's the kind of a sofa that you'd want to flaunt unabashedly (and no one would mind it). Aside from its technical wizardry, we are also taken in by its organic shape that isn't just pretty to look at but is also ultra comfy. A little tip, if you are trying to restore the normalcy of your relationship with someone you have just had a bitter-sweet skirmish, make them sit with you on the Ploum. Its gorgeous croissant shape will make them turn towards you subtly.

Pan Pan

Christmas and New Year's is the time when you are at your magnanimous best. Imagine the joyous expression of the lucky recipient of this adorable gift! Pan Pan is a bonafide conversation starter made of molded resin with a gloss lacquer finish. P.S: It's so cute that you will have a change of heart and might just want to keep it for yourself.

Pan Pan

The Kabuki floor lamp from Kartell is as much an objet de beauté as it is a luminous wonder. Its beautifully perforated patterning is a result of Kartell's sophisticated injection mould technology. The lamp gives off a soft, cozy glow that is so apt for wintry nights.

La Bohème Stool

This stool is a veritable work of art. Period. The first time we saw it, we asked ourselves, "How could this dainty beaut be used as a table or a seat?" But you have to see the stool in person to know its stability and robustness. This vase-shaped stool is made of polycarbonate and is available in multiple colors.

 The Ruche Bed

Never has a shopper come to our store without lingering around this gorgeous bed. This uber luxurious bed is adorned in intricate quilting. Its sleeping platform is underpinned by a solid beech frame, providing a contemporary foil to its traditional ornamented surface. We don't know about you but we would love to rest our weary head on this sumptuous bed.

If you thought this was all we had in our furniture arsenal, you are so mistaken! there are many more gems to be uncovered; for that, however, you will need to swing by ensemble furniture store in Delhi!



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