Put some color here and there: 5 Colorful furniture pieces to brighten up your space

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Put some color here and there: 5 Colorful furniture pieces to brighten up your spaceAs much as we like our muted hues and neutral beauts, we are color babies at heart who fantasize about serenading around rainbows (we have a penchant for hyperboles). Since it's the month of Holi—our official festival of colors, we thought it was only prudent for us to shed some light on how you, our beautiful readers can animate their equally beautiful homes and office spaces with our colorful range of designer furniture and interior accessories.

Tip Top side table

Kartell's Tip Top side table may be small in size but it's big on style! A chic sidekick for your sofa or special corner, it is a perfect way to add discreet spurts of color to a neutral scheme.


Colorful and Playful, Confluences designed by Philip Negro is designed in keeping with the ergonomic tradition of Ligne Roset. Featuring locked-up elements of varying back heights and seat depths, Confluences attempts to provide a chic definition to the idea of personalized comfort. For the color wheel connoisseurs—analogous colors much?

Charles Ghost stool

Constructed in one fell swoop using polycarbonate, Charles Ghost stool ranks high on adaptability and aesthetic parameters. Sturdy and durable, the stool is a perfect accessory to round out your indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces. All this and the fact that it comes in alluring chromatic combinations make us fall for them even more.


Inject a pop of color to your well-appointed office or entertainment space with Pierre Paulin's Anda armchair. Voluptuous and enveloping, we adore Anda as much for how it feels and as it looks.

Cindy table lamp

A conical lampshade and rounded teardrop base in a fetching metallic tone—Cindy, our dear little Cindy, from Kartell is a luminous marvel. If you are looking for a wee bit of a 70s inspired glamour, you should definitely bring her home!



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