Space-saving Coffee Tables That Embody Beauty With Brains

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As urban dwellers living in apartments that don't even leave us with enough room to swing our cats, it becomes important to have furniture pieces that are mindful of this constraint and are multi-purpose. In this blog post, we are going to talk about our living room's workhorse, aka — coffee table.Everyone needs a coffee table — whether you are old or young, single or someone with a growing family. It lends its surface area to host your coffee, books, food trays, and everyday sundries. A sturdy and stylish coffee table is like a steadfast companion. But this doesn't mean, it needs to be a shin-hurting, space hogger.Acting as the befitting response to this decidedly urban challenge is our recently introduced range of multi-tasking coffee tables. Take a look at them -


For starters, Hive is as much a work of art as it is a utilitarian piece of furniture. If you ask us, it's too chic to pass up. Constructed with an innovative mechanism in which the upper surface rotates to reveal the hidden three surfaces to appear.

Bonne Vie

For those of you who have grown weary of the boxy coffee tables, this one is sure to make your heart sing. Meet Bonne Vie — a circular expandable coffee table, which comes with one central ceramic top and three glass floors which unfurl to give you more surface area to keep your living room positively uncluttered. My Flower

Inspired by nature, My Flower undeniably runs on the whimsically enticing side of the spectrum. It features three synchronically swiveling panels where the top one is circular and the other two are in the shape of a gorgeous four-petaled flower. Not claiming this pretty piece will be a travesty, for sure.



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