Things that Make Your Home Beautiful Other than You

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Wouldn't it be delightful simply to close one's eyes, murmur a wish, and unlock a door to a charming, happy home, a home that mirrors the interests and personalities of its gracious occupants? A home that beats with the warmth of love the occupants feel for each other.A home that holds dear the slivers of the past whilst upholding the creative zeitgeist of the present? That’s quite a rhetorical question! Of course, it would be wonderful. So, what makes a home or any space beautiful, other than the people who inhabit it? Discerning and charming details. Be it in the form of a sumptuously upholstered berger that allows one to plunge headlong into the world of words or a plush mattress underneath a sturdy bedstead that, in the words of Shakespeare, facilitates the 'honey-heavy dew of slumber'; beauty lies in comfort, style, and quality. As people who are passionate about furniture, it wouldn’t be surprising at all when we tell you that we traverse the world in search of brands that will breathe life into your creative visions. International brands, that by virtue of their venerable artistry and far-flung influence across the globe rightly befit the title ‘arbiters of style and taste’, are forever on our radar so that we can make them part of our growing brood.Furniture pieces and decor items, whether echoing one’s travels or reflecting one’s varied interests, have the power to imbue spaces with character, glamour, and charm. It’s always marvelous to see nondescript consoles spring to life with a handful of vintage curios and a candle stand or a dining room transform into an entertainment hub with a stylish dining setup. We can go on and on about furniture and the joys of decorating spaces with them, but we’d keep them for our subsequent blog posts. Here’s to a new beginning! Watch this space for furniture trends, exciting roundups, design guides, decor ideas, and a lot more.



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