Tips to buy designer furniture online!

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Furniture is the key element that mirrors the overall home decor. Not just that, it also reflects the status of the homeowner. It is one of the major reasons for people investing in home re-designs with contemporary designer furniture. Since Delhi is not the Mecca of italian furniture, many people turn to online purchase when it comes to the purchase of Italian-styled furniture.Buying furniture from online stores in place of designer furniture store delhi, comes with the advantage of cost-saving and the convenience of a wider range of better value products, sitting at home. Well, like all good things, this too has a few hazards to watch out for.

  1. Where to start shopping for furniture online?

You’ll have two choices to choose from:

  • Online Retailers & manufacturers who are established, sellers. View their years of experience, their reputation and also the review page.
  • Online Auctions that initially seem cheap, mostly aren’t. Beware, because they often don’t have honest customer history and moreover, leading brands don’t use their websites for auction. So, it is best to avoid the high risks of auction sites when speaking of furniture purchase.

Look for the “Lock and Secure” icon on the retailer or manufacturer’s website. Buy only from websites that have this option as it guarantees that your payment transaction will be secure.

  1. How will you be sure whether you can trust the supplier?
  • The best way is to search for customer recommendation and go through the site carefully. Start with determining whether the website images are original. You will find pictures from the internet on the website of unreliable sellers. But, reputed stores will give you exact images of the product you choose, since they have personal studios.
  • Only buy from the online stores that offer a 7 day delivery period. It means that they have a readily available stock.
  1. Look them up on Social media:

Check if there are any client complains or complementary approval posts. Are their daily posts about the company? Usually, instincts and first impressions are worthy indicators.

  1. Go through the terms & condition:

Make sure the site accepts cancellations and has return policies. Check delivery charges before completing the online order.



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