Top Interior Trends That'll Reign Supreme in 2021

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Every year, it's the same ritual. Researchers, trend forecasters, and design experts around the world carefully watch the details unfolding across every stream and sector, collating and culling data and drilling it down to the trends that will reign supreme in the year waiting expectantly. And while that could have been the same with 2020, we all know how it played out.

But enough moping, we are in 2021 and things are starting to look bright and hopeful. It's time for new inspirations, fresh ideas, and a fearless point of view. Let's dive into the top trends tipped to be major leagues this year.

Delightful Whimsy

2020 didn't leave us with many celebratory moments, but that doesn't mean 2021 won't. This year is all about injecting joy, whimsy, and curiosity into our interiors—and celebrating our spaces through imaginatively crafted decor pieces. Unconventionally artistic decor has a way of putting out stress and keeping our child-like sense of wonder alive.

Thoughtful Optimism

This year, the color authority—Pantone, cherry-picked not one but two contrasting colors. A sunny yellow hue called "Illuminating'' and a fail-safe versatile "Ultimate Gray". The idea behind dropping a pair of colors as per Pantone is to "highlight how different elements come together to support one another''.

After everything that we have seen last year, the need for optimism and thoughtfulness is more present than ever. From big furniture items to accessories to storage units to everything in between, this hopeful duo can be incorporated in many ways.

Japandi Calling

A new strand of minimalism has been making the rounds—a coming together of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese rusticity. The result is a timeless aesthetic that is modern and cozy yet imbued with a traditional character. Given that most of us are working from home, adding harmonious elements and hues through furniture and accessories will create a sense of serenity that's known to be conducive to creativity.

WFH Situation

As we all began working from home, it became pretty obvious that a well-appointed, practical work station had to be carved out. Whether your living room doubles up as your new home office or your dining table moonlights as your work desk—you will be dialing up your productivity levels with furniture that's equal parts functional and fetching.

Nostalgic Moments

Out with the new and in with the old—2021 has its roots anchored in the past and we couldn't be happier. The design world is decidedly leaning towards classic silhouettes and yesteryear aesthetics for their charming backstories and loving beauty have the power to yank us out of our present uncertainties.



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