Woody Wood: 5 Rustique Chic Pieces You Cannot Miss

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What is it about wood that we like so much? To begin with—wood brings a slice of nature into our living environment.Has it got anything to do with its grain patterns or its inherent character that gently hums the life it has lived or the fact that it will stay with you as a steadfast companion? All of these reasons, we'd say. In these soft and mushy moments where we can't stop gushing over wood, we deem it apt to share a few of our favorite woody furniture pieces that make us go weak in our knees-

Our cheery dining table

Versatile and easy-to-maintain, this dining table is airy simplicity writ large. We love it for its good ol' design, making it apt for convivial dinners, homeworks, coffees with magazines spread out, et al.


Brimming with vintage charm these petite book cases offer inconspicuous storage to your trinkets and sundry in the disguise of books. You can make them a part of your storied table vignette or use them to work up a sophisticated style in your well-appointed home office. Super cool, aren't they?

Flower stand

In those sweet, balmy days when you just want to revel in your garden or balcony, this flower stand will give you a good company. It will also allow you to showcase vibrant flowers and herbs in style.


Inge's Sempe's snooze-worthy and unpretentious bed, Ruche, is not only a comfy cloud to plonk onto but is also an aesthetic delight. It features a solid beech frame and a lovely quilted cover draped over the top, a design feat winning Sempe a Red Dot Award.

Coffee table

This coffee table is a blend of farmhouse-chic and contemporary. The coffee table, with its rectangular form and glass inset top revealing cane design presents a stunning confluence of rustic and refined. It's a perennial classic!



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